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Ina Paarman Logo

South African Homespun, delicious stocks, sauces and spices are the lifeblood of the Ina Paarman brand.

It is what a good home cook could do in their own kitchen if they had the time, but on a larger scale.

Recreating all the goodness and wholesomeness of home-style cooking in an internationally accredited, high-tech food processing facility.

You may well ask what makes our products different:

  • We use only freshest ingredients sourced from local farms.
  • We prepare our products like one would do at home, but on a larger scale.
  • We keep them shelf stable with pasteurisation and sterilisation, not with artificial additives.
  • Our staff, many whom have 10, 20- and 25-year service. Paarman Foods is a happy factory.
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