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079 White Gin – 750ml

079 Gin

White Gin

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Our Premium 079 White Gin embodies lightness and strength.

In addition to Cape Chamomile, Cape Snow Bush and Buchu, we have carefully selected eight premium botanicals to give the gin its complex and distinctive flavour.

A contemporary dry gin with a delicate composition.

On the nose, it smells of fresh fruit and pleasant fynbos, with its freshness seducing you on the spot. The taste is complex, harmonious, and smooth despite its high alcohol content.

The perfectly combined botanicals give this gin a soft and gentle finish.

All our labeled bottles are unique – not one looks like the other!

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We recommend a classic Indian Tonic to accompany our 079 White Gin. Coloured tonics can also be very interesting and provide different colour results. Surprise yourself and let faith decide which one suits you best.

A perfect companion are various spices like pink peppercorns or fresh fruits slices, slices of lemon with fresh rosemary, cucumber, olives work as well and depending on the season, consider orange slices and cinnamon sticks. Let your imagination run wild!

We advise storing our White Gin in a dark place. Maybe you keep it in the gift box.

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