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South African Taste – A touch of South Africa in Switzerland

Our two families, Bernhard & Golda Schwab and Markus & Lizanne Richle-van Oudtshoorn, connected through our mutual love of the vibrant and diverse flavours and the melting pot of culture and heritage South Africa has to offer. The country oozes creativity and is the epitomy of fusion and flavours. As a south African, Lizanne loves to combine these home-grown flavours with local Swiss products to bring a little south African taste to her home in Switzerland. The Schwab family fell in love with South Africa and continuously find tastes and local products that they also want to share with Swiss friends and family.

We will continue to search and bring you the best we can find for you to enjoy in the comfort of your home and thereby supporting local producers in South Africa.

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Südafrikanischen Spezialitäten

– Bernhard & Golda Schwab and Markus & Lizanne Richle-van Oudtshoorn

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